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Do I dare say Spring is here !??!

Can I say it ???? Spring has finally arrived !!!

I shouldn't complain, we did not have a bad winter by any means, but it just seemed to drag on a little too long towards the end.

I have had my Spring and Easter decor out for weeks now, but, today is when I truly had Spring fever. Maybe the fact that I'm excited that Easter is this weekend, has helped.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. I love its significance, the coming together with family and friends to celebrate....... and I'm not gonna lie.... I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE ! Its my excuse to over indulge.

I thought I would pull together a collection of ideas on Easter decorating.

Maybe you can attempt some of them, or create some of your own!

Be sure to post them to my Boland Designs facebook page !

I hope you enjoy these ideas and may you all have a Happy Easter and fabulous weekend.

This beautiful centerpiece has a gorgeous mixture of pinks, whites and browns.

Looks so simple yet will have such an impact !

image from:


This one is a bit more complex but could you imagine displaying this on your mantle or on your table for Easter dinner ? WOW !

You can watch a step by step video from Southern Living at

source: Southern Living

This one is quite simple and has a rustic vibe to it with the wooden holder and metal letter !

source: Confessions of a Northern Belle

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