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Baby its cold outside !

Its October 30th, 7:30pm and I am outside hanging my Halloween decorations.

Yes talk about the 11th hour but this month has been so busy, I don't know where the time has gone. I wish I had done the decor sooner because... baby its cold outside.

When I came back in the house and sat near the warm fireplace I actually had a big smile on my face, this is the kind of Fall weather I like, you may think I'm crazy, but with the cold comes hygge ( pronounced hoo-gah) and I love creating a sense of hygge in my home.

What is hygge? Some people call it "coziness of the soul", "cozy togetherness", "cocoa by candlelight", to name a few. Sounds great doesn't it ! Hygge originates from Norway and it means "well being" The people of Denmark have embraced this and created a hygge way of life . The Danish create a sense of hygge in their everyday life with such things as, food and drink, clothing, lighting, and my favorite, the decor in their home. Basically a cozy, comfortable environment giving you a sense of happiness and well being.

Take a few minutes and think about what hygge means to you.

For me, hygge is being inside on a very chilly evening, candles lit, sipping a chia tea curled up with a blanket and a good book by the fireplace. Its a feeling of warm, coziness, calm and harmony. The below image captures my idea perfectly.

image: the white company

image from the white company

I will be sure to incorporate hygge elements into my home and the home of my clients over the next few months.

A few ideas for you to try out are:

1) Light more candles: there are some really authentic looking candles these days if you are worried about lighting real ones that will give the same effect.

2) Keep your colour scheme simple: use monochromatic colours or tonal shades.

3) Warm up your space by turning on the fireplace

4) Embellish your couches and seating with faux fur throws and pillows.

5) Togetherness : get together with close family and friends in relaxed laid back setting. No fancy dinner party just some wine, comfort foods and homemade baked goods.

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