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Not your grandmothers wallpaper

Ahhh wallpaper ! Most people cringe when they hear that word when it comes to wall treatments. They think of those old fashioned, limited patterns and the torture of hanging it on the walls. Let me tell you wallpaper has come a very long way !

There are thousands upon thousands of exciting , updated prints to choose from and some very creative ways to use wallpaper.

When you are looking for that one WOW factor in a room, that is inexpensive, and much more durable than paint, wallpaper is the way to go.

Wallpaper technology has come such a long way. With the non woven technology it is easy to install and much easier to remove than years ago. If you look at durability with wallpapers being produced now, it is very cost effective. Wallpaper, if properly hung can last up to 15 years, and three times as long as a paint treatment.

Some of the textures available look like "the real thing" For example the wallpaper Boland Designs hung in the pictures below had everyone who saw the room thinking it was actual barn board.

When designing a room and deciding on a wallpaper, use the wallpaper on one focal wall. This will give you the impact you are looking for and will not look too over done. Co-ordinate the remaining walls in a shade of paint that pulls and highlights the wallpaper and paint together.

Other creative uses for wallpaper is to create artwork. Use a sheet of it and frame it to put on a wall. You can cover the back of a bookshelf or even a cabinet. It will bring new like to a tired piece of furniture. The possibilities are endless.

If your interested in knowing more about wallpaper or perhaps incorporating it into your home, please feel free to contact us here at Boland Designs, we can help you from selecting wallpaper right through to installation.



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