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The Start of Something Good

I always feel like my home is the last one on the list to get a bit of love in the decorating department. Its kind of like the mechanic who's car is always broken !

I know Fall is still a month away, but maybe because of the weather over the last few days, I've been loving the fact that Fall is coming and decided to get a head start on my decor ideas!

I love changing up my decor as the seasons change. With Fall being my most favourite season I wanted to see what decor goodies I had in storage and realized I had ............ well not much ! So today, with my 2 children in tow I headed out and picked up some great finds !

Thank you Homesense and Micheals. I already have my vision on how I'm going to work with these and I cant wait !

As a designer I tell my clients changing your decor each season gives your home a new, fresh, and in Fall's case "warm" feeling.

The best part about changing up your decor is, it doesn't have to break the bank.

Some simple and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home for Fall are:

1) Change out your pillows and throws like my picture above.

2) Fill a tall vase with faux Fall stems

3) Utilize your mantel or a shelf on the wall and print out a Fall design and frame it in a white or brown coloured frame, add some mini pumpkins or do a DIY craft, like the one my daughter and I made below.

These tips are only the start, I will blog in the coming weeks to give you more ideas on your Fall interior decor , talk about your outside decor, and of course Fall's colour palettes.

Whatever your budget, I hope to inspire you to make the space you live in, proud to call your own.

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